Dedicated, responsive people who go the extra step

The heart and soul of Meriwether Godsey is our people. Because we highly respect and value our employees, they give back more in return. This close company culture means everyone works together – finding and delivering the best possible solutions for you.

People development

We invest in helping our people achieve their highest personal and professional goals through the right support and leadership. We set high expectations for performance, train continuously, provide constant feedback and cultivate an atmosphere in which we learn, grow and improve, constantly.

Tenure and Loyalty:  words that go hand in hand, but are often forgotten in business today.  Because of our people-focused approach, we experience very low staff turnover.  This is unusual particularly in the food service industry.

Meriwether Godsey employee teams work to eliminate the separate nature often found in contract relationships.  Our teams become an integral part of our client communities – we are a part of the family. Through food, our teams learn and respond to the unique preferences of students, faculty, administration, residents, frequent visitors and work in unison with community staff to enhance the quality of life for all.

What does our family look like?

We look like you! Currently our make-up shows that we are 51% gen-x and gen-y, 42% baby-boomers, and 7% veteran generation. On our most recent employee survey, 52% of those surveyed said they had a “best friend” at work. While our MG family is passionate about food, you will see we’re passionate about other things, too: family, volunteer and mission work, exercise and sports (running, golf, yoga), and cultural arts.