Food never tasted so good

Meals are not just about eating.  They are an experience.  It’s our job to make them memorable, tasty, and fun, and we will work harder than anyone else in this industry to make sure that is so.


Each day, we serve lots of hungry people, and we draw on our years of diverse experience to make sure there’s something for everyone – regardless of culture, age, dietary restrictions or personal preferences.  This means we are constantly learning, watching, refining, experimenting and many of our ideas come from you.


We embrace a “tell us what you think” culture.  Especially in our industry, strong relationships and superior service are the product of open and caring communication.

Our menus

Designed to be customizable without losing efficiencies, our menus cue staff to plan and serve balanced, variety-filled selections each day. Our proprietary, self-made approach simplifies tasks and removes redundancies allowing more time for creativity, sourcing and our guests. And, unlike large contractors, we encourage Chefs to bring in local ingredients and make substitutions to reduce waste for everyone.


Our menu task force (chefs and senior leaders) includes our Corporate Dietitian so we assure our menus are pleasing and healthful. We serve as a nutrition resource within our communities, providing programs and helping address specific needs and concerns with the most up-to-date information.


Our first choice is to use the freshest, healthiest, and closest ingredients. Regional providers reduce the impact of long distance deliveries and promote food safety. Best of all, products that mature in the field taste better and are better for us.