Raising awareness – feed the future with our choices today

The dining room should be another classroom. One that raises your awareness about food — how it feeds our bodies and our souls.

Our strategies

Made from Scratch
Not only is this the “right way” to approach dining for large and small numbers – it’s the only way we ever have. Some now promote this as “distinctive” – for us it’s a given in all of our locations. Without exception, our chefs are passionate about cooking and are remarkably creative so this expectation is part of Meriwether Godsey’s essence.
Going Local
During the growing season, many produce items are sourced locally through relationships with regional growers. We sign all foods that include local ingredients so you can celebrate their freshness!  And, whenever possible incorporate “all natural” or organic ingredients including select dressings, vegetables, dairy products and meats.
Food with Standards
From choosing seafood that is supported by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch to serving coffee that is locally roasted and fair trade, we look for providers that we can feel good about.
Studies consistently show that trays lead to waste:  loading up when you are hungry and then throwing away.  Trays are also terrible energy hogs — they are made of plastic, require frequent washing, and when they wear out, they end up in the landfill. MG is trayless in almost all of our locations.
Feed the Difference Harvest Meal
The second Tuesday in October promote local foods with our “Feed the Difference” Harvest Meal.
Earth Week Celebration
Each April, we celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week with another huge focus on local and artisan foods, and sources that are more mindful of our natural resources (organics, natural ingredients, and processes that promote better treatment of animals).
Sustainable Disposables
We avoid disposables whenever we can, but in communities that require them, we advocate for biodegradable or recyclable solutions.
Ugly Mug Program
Members of our client communities contribute mismatched mugs to our coffee stations to be used and returned — reducing the need for disposable cups.
Nearly all of our locations collect fryer oil for alternative fuel through our partnership with Greenlight Biofuels.
We are driving composting initiatives in a number of our communities and believe this can be made easier as it is more widely accepted and promoted.
Sustainability Messaging
We have created a portfolio of posters, signs, materials that get the word out about local, waste, composting, recycling, and all the things we can do to join the movement.
Weigh the Waste
Knowing that waste is food service enemy #1, this visual demonstration is the beginning of an effective program for reducing what ends up in the kitchen and dining room trash.