There’s no shortage of leadership advice out there. Google search of those exact words returns millions of results (409 million, to be exact). But, among ALL of that, there’s the reminder: leadership is about peopleship (but google that and you’ll find an executive recruiting firm). It’s about connecting with people (unless you plan to do everything yourself, and that means everything). The only part of that connection we can control is…our own. What I say (or don’t). How I react. What I perceive.

Peopleship exists outside of work, and outside of leading. It’s part of our whole person, and this article (10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day) affirms just that. Listen, be positive, admit error, say your’e sorry, offer praise, be sincere. Themes we hold onto. All are here in usable phrases that are remarkably…ordinary. But do them all in one day (no, everyday!)…and be a superhero.