I love what this person has to say. He has worked hard to become more accepting of himself, and to try to spread the message that this is what’s required to overcome any type of addiction. To me, a big part of overcoming any addiction is to accept personal responsibility for our own happiness, but I think that would be a much easier thing to do if the world we live in was more accepting of all people, regardless of size, color, or beliefs.

What Do I Do Now?

Often people reach a goal and wonder what they will do now. They have worked so hard to get to an arbitrary number and realize they may be smaller but they still aren’t happy. They still see all their flaws and none of their successes. I feel that happens because you trade one addiction (food) for another (diet and exercise) without addressing the why or how you got where you were in the first place.

You have to fight the real reasons you aren’t happy. Often this has zero to do with weight loss. Because no matter how much weight you lose you won’t be happy. You have to learn to be happy with who you are in your entirety now. Not at goal weight or anything else. Food addiction is just like any other addiction it often is a tool for we use to numb ourselves from some sort of pain in our life. Some sense of guilt or not being worthy or whatever it is.

To be truly successful at LIFE (not only weight loss) we have to strive to banish those demons. Forgive others and ourselves and let go of past pain, heart ache and guilt. No exercise routine to fix that and it is often a hard and emotional journey.

You have the power to change your life in ways you wouldn’t even dream. 2 years ago I was 350+ pounds and miserable. I have lost 100+#s and am living a life better than I ever dreamed. I didn’t win a lotto or get surgery. I started making very conscious decisions to do what made me happy, to do what made me feel good about myself. To stop defining myself by anyone else’s terms. To take power over the only thing I have control over and that is MY life. The mind is the most powerful tool we have. Unfortunately many of us have been hard wired to use it against ourselves. To make it limit us. To make us define ourselves in negative ways or worse yet to define ourselves by the reflection in someone else’s eyes.

This whole journey isn’t easy. It’s not magic. It’s hard work both internally and externally. We have to do the work on both sides of the equation. The goal of life is TO BE HAPPY. That’s it. You do that you win, hands down. Not to collect the most cars, houses, jewelry but to fill that hole inside that many of us attempted to fill with food. That hole is a lack of happiness we can’t fill it with money, fame, relationships, toys or anything else. We have to fill it with what makes us individually happy. We have to seek out and find our happiness. We have to practice doing what makes us happy. We have to take risks of falling flat on our faces sometimes to be happy. But once you are truly happy and you have changed your mindset and emotions on what really matters to you. You will be in absolute awe of what you can accomplish. Not only in weight loss but in life.

Then your mind isn’t fighting against you it is fighting for you. Then you can not only build yourself up but build up those around you. Then you aren’t afraid to try thing because you know whether it works or not you will take something positive away from it. Whatever you truly want in life you can have. It may not be in the way you thought you would get it but you can get there. I for one am living proof…

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The food is just incredible! I really mean it...I hope you know that I am not just saying this. It's so colorful, fresh, and delicious...so special every day!"

Faculty Member 

Just a note to say thank you for all of the delicious food you and your staff serve each day. I never knew kale could taste so good!


Outstanding food, outstanding service, outstanding people. I brag about MG to my peers at other schools, and even to my friends and family!


Thank you so much for all the gluten-free options this year! All of your staff have been so helpful. They make a point to come up to me at meals and let me know what options you have for that meal. Salads are great, but sometimes a warm meal is just what you need!

Faculty Member 

Thanks for all of the good work you and your team did to ensure that last night’s welcome gathering for new faculty went off without a hitch. I’m so grateful for Team MG working so hard to make sure things are done the right way.

Head of School 

It’s an understatement to say we were surprised by the excellent quality of the food. We could not recall having a better tuna dish, even at the four-star resturants we frequent in Raleigh. Duke Integrative is a special place.


Many times I find a favorite thing out of the many items served during lunch, and although the featured spinach and fruit salad was visually stunning; the SHOUT OUT winner of the day hands down was the very delicious unassuming Vegetarian Pinto Beans!!! The onions were glistening and the peppers served as a complimentary color to the two different shades of beans...I have one regret and that is I didn’t think to take a picture!


Thank you for making pimento cheese today! It not only is divine, but also hit the spot. I now regret wasting 62.5 years of life on this planet in which I did not eat this heavenly mix. As I explore different recipes in my home kitchen I will try my best to live up to the standard demonstrated by what I had today.

Faculty Member 

Everything was wonderful...as usual! The food was scrumptious...and the weather was gorgeous!

Conference Client 

I would not change a thing! Your staff was not only professional, but warm and caring. They truly set the tone for a memorable night. The food was delicious...our family and friends left with hearts and bellies full!

Catering Client 

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the delicious food at Duke. Your food was such a happy and positive experience and it made the days there so much more enjoyable to eat healthy, but tasty, great food.


Thanks for the delicious soup and the new harvest salad - and thanks for removing half the calories out of the Farm Basket brownie...haha.


THANK YOU for your help today with the open house! Our visiting families raved about the personalized environment. We had a student tell us that Guilford went from his 3rd to 1st choice!


Thank you for all of your hard work on the meals and breaks for the Alumnae Board. The food was outstanding; everyone raved about each meal. Favorites included the grits on Saturday morning and the butternut squash soup on Sunday. YUM!!!


The amazing characteristic is that, on a day by day basis, you give us nutritious, varied, interesting, delicious food...not just something special for company. Please know how much you are appreciated and loved by this community.

Conference Administrator