As Rie and I finish up our spring account visits, I’ve reflected on our messages: the importance of WIGs (wildly important goals); measuring results; communication; life-long learning; and outwardly expressing sincere appreciation. Starting at the end first, Sara Thompson’s poem, “God made an MG employee” says it so well.

Along the way, many employees quickly and eagerly reference our core values. This is affirming on many levels. When we rewrote our core values two years ago we were hoping to articulate the essence of MG…who we are, what we stand for, why we are in this business. And as this article says (7 signs of a high-performance company), these principles are our blueprint and when expressed every day, they “live and grow at the grassroots level.” This is happening for us.

As we bring our operating year to a close (and, yes, when we are really busy these qualities are most important…) read the rest of that same article – and the seven signs. Are we a high-performance company?

  1. Employees take ownership.
  2. People are happy.
  3. Managers are comfortable with their level of authority.
  4. People are accountable.
  5. There’s a “How can I help you?” attitude.
  6. Employees have a positive outlook.
  7. Things get done.